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Saturday, August 12th

3pm - 5pm (doors open at 2pm)

Germantown Highschool Fieldhouse (entrance #26 doors)

W180N11501 N River Ln, Germantown, WI 53022 

Questions: Contact Tony 920-960-7985 or

What is the WASA 400?

The estimated cost per athlete to participate in their program is up to $3,500 each year depending on their sport.  With your help, WASA will continue to provide a safe and fun environment for youth and adults with disabilities to make new friends, exchange ideas, and develop positive attributes, such as goal setting, teamwork and responsibility.  The programs aim to aid disabled community members towards wellness, an independent life, and to help provide important life skills.

Completing 100 miles in a 2-hour time frame by yourself is a daunting thought.  The same can be said about managing a disability, (acquired, congenital, or hereditary).  It takes a strong support network from family, friends, team of doctors, and the community.  So how many laps/miles can we all do together … we’ll provide the sports chairs, eyeshades, and adaptive community setting.  Come try an activity with a physical/visual impairment simulation and take that experience back to your community and make it more inclusive and accessible for all.  How far can we all go via wheelchair/wearing eye shades/walking together in 2 hours???

What do I need to do to Participate?

WASA 400 on-sight Participation.

  • Confirm participation via Sign-up link below
  • Find individual lap/mile sponsors to help reach your total goal (optional)
  • Find business sponsors (optional)
  • Show up at Germantown High School Fieldhouse between 2pm and 3pm to be ready to go by 3pm. (Enter door 26)
  • Sign WASA waiver participation form (provided at registration table)
  • Get a bib/color card on you to help spotters track your lap totals (provided at registration/check-in table) 
  • Share FB LIVE feed amongst friends
  • Have fun socializing and exercising

WASA 400 Virtual Participation.

  • Confirm participation via Sign-up link below
  • Zoom link will be emailed August 10
  • Find individual lap/mile sponsors to help reach your total goal (optional)
  • Find business sponsors (optional)
  • Find some place to push or walk any time frame between 3pm and 5pm Central Time Zone on Saturday, August 12.
  • Use a distance tracking app to log mileage.
  • Log on to Zoom feed anytime during the 3pm to 5pm time frame
  • Submit picture of distance completed via FB live chat between 5pm and 5:10pm Central Time Zone

How do I ask for a monetary donation/sponsorship?

Monetary Request examples

Would you please sponsor my goal of completing 2 hours of exercise by donating $_____?

Would you please donate $_____ per lap/mile with my goal being completing _____ laps/miles in 2 hours? (Follow up afterwards if needed)

Would you please make a monetary donation for WASA sports?

Donations can be made via cash/check or at Donate (

WASA 400 Highlights