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If you are interested in participating in any WASA sports events or just want to join our email list, please email and let us know.

We work with people of all ages, with all types of disabilities, including children, adults, and veterans. You don't have to have any experience in sports to participate. Please join us for the exercise, the fun, and the competition!

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2022 Impact

  • 10 Sports

  • 172 Athletes Served

  • 890 Community Experiences

  • 2,197 Program Hours

  • 250+ Volunteers

  • 124 Membership Hours

  • 186 Coach Training Hours

  • 150+ Engaged Family Members

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What is WASA?


"We improve the quality of life for individuals with physical disabilities or visual impairments through the power of adaptive sport, recreation, fitness and education." 

Adaptive Programs:

WASA’s programs improve health, rehabilitation, and quality of life outcomes for people of all ages with physical/sensory disabilities. WASA programs provide opportunities for the recreational, intermediate, competitive, & elite athlete.

Join the WASA mission!
Be an Athlete

Our athletes are our pride and joy. Our amazing athletes have opportunities to compete across the country! We welcome athletes of any skill level to jump in and try any of our sports. Check out the calendar now and feel free to visit!

Be a Sponsor

We love our sponsors and are happy to partner with any organization that believes in our mission! Let's get creative and see how we can create a win-win partnership. Contact us now for sponsorship information.

Be a Volunteer

We are always looking for amazing volunteers! Email us for more information about volunteering opportunities.

Our Partners

Nicole Verneuille

Nicole Verneuille


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